Wig Options

Photo : __ Rococo (completly handknotted wig, buffalo-/horse-hair, historical core, mesh and cotton wool, wax styling)
Junkrat (1 of 3 : roughly glued hairline, Level 3 styling, tinted roots and contouring, LED- and smoke system)

All prices are net-prices (+19%)

Option overall tinting : Change the wig’s colour or add a fading/ombré (80€).
Option root tinting / contouring : Strongly recommended option for a very authentic effect (80€).
 . . Example images :   1  2  3  4  5  6   
(Here an example for a wig without tinting).


The Levels concern the wig styling, not the hairline. Hairlines : See below…


.Very fluffy and rough, as the whole wig is teased for max. volume, less clean surface, very flexible.

 Examples :

Wild but fixated surface :  1   /  2  /  3  (Torbjörn)
Rough Core, which is covered normally (see LEVEL 3) : 1  (Ekko)
Rough finish, as commissioned :  1  /  2  (Gajeel)

Rough core of an unfinished styling : 1  (Kim)


Stable, resistant but still flexible core, external strands of hair making it very realistic and smooth, loosely added to the core, looking more natural but the external layer needs brushing and care during the day.

 Examples :

Durable, flexible styling :  1  /  2  (Sombra, Level 2-3)
Fixierted hair with loose strands of hair  :  1  (OC)  2  (Riza)
ery loose external layer with sturdy underconstruction : (Cinderella)


Maximal control over every hair of the styling, resistant but still flexible core on a perfect authentic and clean finish : completly convention-proof fixated.

 Examples :

One of two  convention-proof  wigs with loose hair ends 1  /   2  /  3  (Fury)
Every strand of hair is fixated and flexible : 1  (Cyber Sombra)
Fluffy but fixated internally and externally : 1  (Mercy)
bombproof Junkrat wigs : 1  /  2  /  3   (Junkrat)
Those didn’t change after 2 years of MUCH wearing and partying (I throw them around).

LEVEL 2 can approach LEVEL 3, as a compromise that just the VERY upper layer moves :  1  /  2  (Sombra)


The base is a BASIC “normal” wig

PRO : Fast to put on, easy glueing and cleaning, super safe and resistant. For extravagant projects.
CONTRA : more comic-like, not as fine. If the neck should be knotted, the measurements must be correct.

 Examples :

Torbjörm hair piece
Genie wig
Both Junkrats : with Skintop & without Skintop
Orc Garona wig
Gemini wig & Sidecut Detail

Prices : DYNAMIC “glued” option :
This is for the hairline and does NOT include the wig and styling.
– glued hairline on the basic wig, strand by strand of hair (240€ plus materials)
EXTRA : +50% for a finer and more authentic hairline.

Neck :
– glued neck (180-240€ plus materials : rough up to fine as on the front hairline)
AUTHENTIC  “knotted”

The base is a NATURAL “knotted” wig
PRO : Very authentic and fine. For realistic projects
CONTRA : The tulle must be cleaned very carefully (remaining glue), it can fringe and is less flexible. If the neck should be knotted, the measurements must be correct.

 Examples :

Fury Darksiders
Elrond & Detail
Dragon Age Sidecut
Flynn/Eugene wig & beard
Captain Jack Sparrow beard

Prices : AUTHENTIC “knotted” option :

This is for the hairline and does NOT include the wig and styling.
– handknotted hairlinie on a standart frontlace (300-600€ + materials : authentic front, up to reshaping : Fury)
– handknotted neck (300-600€ plus materials)
– 120€ (buy and sew tulle into the wig [tulle costs 90-130€ for 100 x 100cm)



Imitated Sidecut :

Cutting the hair of a thick wig to imitate short cut hair :  1  (Ekko)

Dynamic Side-Undercut :

Skintop with individually glued hair for a resistant wig :  1  /  2  (Shards Of War)

Authentic Side-Undercut :

Skintop imitation with ventilated hair piece for an authentic effect :  1  (Dragon Age)  /  2  (OC)

The imitated one costs way less than the glued or knotted version. Work- & material make a difference of hundreds.
A sidecut with knotted pieces (OC and DragonAge) are authentic and the materials are around 150€. A big knotted side- and undercut is a more complex (materials from 500€+).
See hairlines for examples and more information.

If the materials are ordered outside of the EU, we have to calculate with importing taxes/cutoms :
– +19% on the entire purchase (including the shipping costs)
– +53€ with one hour driving plus waiting to get your items
– When the purchase value is above 150€ taxes cost +17,5% for each purchase
Those are the import taxes in Germany.



Get a Glue-kit with all needed adhesive and removers and more :

Classic adhesive Kit (17€)
Matt adhesive Kit (27€)
Bald Cap adhesive Kit (42€) ProsAid+Latex