Wig Options


Option root tinting / contouring : Strongly recommended option for an extremly authentic effect for all wig styles (80€). Example images :  O  O  O  O  O  O (wig without tinting : O).
Option overall tinting : Change the wig’s colour or add a fading/ombré (80€).



Very fluffy and rough, as the whole wig is teased for max. volume, no clean surface, very flexible.
Examples : Very rough core to be covered (See LEVEL 3) / no clean finish was commissioned / ditto / very rough core of an unfinished styling

Stable, resistant but still flexible core, external strands of hair making it very realistic and smooth, loosely added to the core, looking more natural, but the external layer needs brushing and care during the day.
Examples : core fixated with much loose hair on top / fixated head with half-fixated strands of hair / ditto / very loose external layer with stable under-construction.

Total control over every hair, core resistant but still flexible, this styling is completly convention-proof and fixated.

Examples : Newest and cleanest result so far / convention-proof styling / ditto, fluffy but fixated internally and externally / our Junkrat wigs didn’t change much even after two years of MUCH wearing and partying (I literally throw the wigs around) / ditto / ditto / every strand of hair fixated

 LEVEL 2 can approach LEVEL 3 as a compromise and just the upper thin layer moves.

DYNAMIC  “glued”

The base is a BASIC “normal” wig

PRO : Fast to put on, easy glueing and cleaning, super safe and resistant. For extravagant projects.
CONTRA : more comic-like, not as fine. If the neck should be knotted, the measurements must be correct.
Examples :
Dschinni wig, both Junkrats : with skintop & without Skintop, Orc (Garona) wig, Gemini & the sidecut detail

.Prices DYNAMIC “glued” option :
– basic wig (60-70€)
– glued hairline on the basic wig, strand by strand of hair (240€)
EXTRA : +50% for a finer and more authentic hairline.
– wefts (47€)
Choose the Malinda by Arda which already has a hidden wig ‘construc
t’, so no wefts and hiding necessary. But Malinda still has a hard hairline in the front, therefore the glued hairline is recommended. Therefore :
– glued neck (180-240€) rough of as fine as on the front line.
+ 27€ weft


The base is a NATURAL “knotted” wig
PRO : Very authentic and fine. For realistic projects
CONTRA : The tulle must be cleaned very carefully (remaining glue), it can fringe and is less flexible. If the neck should be knotted, the measurements must be correct.
Examples : Rokoko wig, Elrond & the detail, Daenerys, Flynn/Eugene wig & beard, Rey, Dragon Age Sidecut, Jenkins Beard, Captain Jack Sparrow beard
Prices AUTHENTIC “knotted” option :
– knotted wig : Frontlace (70-90€)
– handknotted hairlinie on the “knotted” front lace for an even more authentic look, depenting the detail and visible areas (300-600€ : authentic up to authentic reshaping)
– wefts (27€)
Choose the Morpheus by Arda with a hidden wig construct all around, which has the neck is nice AND has an additional lace in the front.
This would also be an alternative when you don’t want anything on the front hairline to be done OR want an AUTHENTIC “handknotted” hairline.
Morpheus has a hidden neck, but still a unnatural hard hairline, therefore :
– handknotted neck (240-300-420€)
+ 120€ (buy and sew tulle into the wig [which costs 90-130€ for 100 x 100cm)
+ 27€ weft


If the materials are ordered outside of the EU, we have to calculate with importing taxes/cutoms :
– +19% on the entire purchase (including the shipping costs)
– +53€ with one hour driving plus waiting to get your items.
– When the purchase value is above 150€ taxes cost +17,5% for each purchhase.
Those are the import taxes in Germany.