Princess Mononoke

Upcycling and weathering :

Princess Mononoke was an exciting upccling project of my own design. It’s made mainly with given materials by my family, followers and colleagues and myself. The materials come from Mali, Benin, Germany, Mexico, Bolivia, France, Brazil, Spain… I wanted to upcycle as much as possible, and succeded nearly on everything.
The resin parts are run and the blue fabric is one I fell in love with. The rest are sheets, boned, orange peels, avocados, snail shells, feathers, stone/wood/clay pearls and MUCH more….

I love weathering very much, so I chose a badass version of an alternative story of Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke : What if the humains won, what if everything turned wrong etc.
The design wasn’t set fully, the drawings were just an accumulation of ideas : Tribe-ish influences, post apocalypsic, voodoo, hippie, Horizon, Vikings, Maya, Manusia-no-31, Hannah Alexander Artwork... many sources enriched small details in this idea still in development.


More images of Mononoke details very close-up on : Facebook and Instagram

Credits :

This gorgeous wig is given by Arda Wigs and I still and will always love it ! Comfy and natural.
The germ is run by Iska Cosplay, I added the electronics and attachments to her beautiful work.

The Making-of :





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Glowing Forest Spirit figurines as an additional effect for darker set-ups, donated by a follower :