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Why book me ?

I cosplay since 2005/06 and won a great deal of experiences : Booths, judging, panels, shootings, interviews and presentations in front of an audience of hundreds of people and also running cameras (see Live-Presentations).
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All informations and conditions :     ↪   bakka Cosplay – Agreement   ↩      (June 2019)

Included activities :

– Q&As
– Contest Judging
– Photo Ops
– Live Streams
– Meet & Greets
– Photo/video shootings
– Interviews
– Panels (I offer “Junkrat Making-of”, “Professional Wig Styling” and “Best of bakka cosplay – ca. 15 years of cosplay“)
Workshops and new panels are additionnal activities, see booking conditions in the PDF above

Included service :

– My presence during every hour of the event
– 200% involvement with the visitors (photos, videos, explanations, signings etc.)
– Permission to use the images I send you personally for your promotion in any media wished for this one event
– Public announcements at least : 30 days ahead and 7 days before and a lot during the event
– Publishing a schedule announcing my presence and the content of the agreed program after signing the agreement
– Preparations of the costumes, make-ups, props and wigs the days and hours before the event and their repair and cleaning the hours and days afterwards

Booth examples :

Links :
– The
biggest booth so far
– The
second biggest booth
More photos (sorted by event)
More videos (playlist “Booths”) showing panels, workshops and more.
Depending on the travel method, big banners and booth systems could also be available.

Example of a big booth (Roleplay Convention 2018)

Example of a middle-sized booth (EpicCon 2019)

Middle-sized booth and bakka in action (EpicCon 2019)




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