Florence Heyer FX – bakka cosplay

Special make-up    &   costume   :   “Florence Heyer FX”    &   “bakka cosplay” 

.My name is Florence and I work as a special effects make-up artist in Cologne, Germany, since 2013 . I started cosplaying in 2005, which led me to what I do today.
After my Diploma and Master in Arts in France (CV), the passion of transformation became naturally my profession. Passion and profession are one. Cosplay is just the additional hobby though.

I offer : In costume :

– Live : Walking acts, panels, workshops, booth and exhibitions, photo OPS, interviews, publications& more…

I offer : As a special effect make-up artist :

– Live : Panels & interviews on events, fair, expositions and publications
Hair- & wig styling commissions costumes (see menu), bodypainting, beauty & special effect make-up, masks, .
– Events (children’s make-up, carnival-, halloween-, motto party…)
House calls & international meetings possible.


Pictures above :
First two : bodypainting by Florence Heyer FX, photo : Jamari Lior, model : Isa Heinrich, 2014
Last two : bodypainting by Florence Heyer FX, photo : DerFotoKrebs, model : MirrorCatRena, 2014

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